In Progress…

I am a creator at heart and I love entrepreneurship.

The ability to solve a problem with something that you invented is one of the most fascinating aspects of being human. Looking at a problem from a different angle than everyone else and coming up with something innovative is an exercise that, in my opinion, commands respect. Adding to this the ability to generate revenue from your ideas, creating jobs and value in your community is just amazing.

As part of my entrepreneurial journey, I help students with an entrepreneurship mindset, make sense of their projects. While I don’t qualify as a successful entrepreneur (yet), I did pick up a few tips and trick in the last few years.

The reason I’m starting to blog is simple: I feel it’s important to keep exploring outside our comfort zone. For me, writing is definitely out there. Since most often than not I’m suggesting entrepreneurs to blog as a way to connect with their customers, I thought that I would get hands-on into writing to see what it’s really like to write and maintain a blog.

This is a work in progress, an exercise and a laboratory. Suggestions and constructive criticism are more than welcome as writing is not natural to me. Since I’ve always enjoyed learning while doing it, let’s get to it…