Leave Shallow People Alone

Recently, a viral video meant to advertise a sorority did just that. The problem? The video focused entirely on the women of a sorority posing, giving piggy-back rides and strutting their stuff in swimsuits.

Did it set women back 50 years? Did it make all sorority women look stupid? Probably not, but sensationalist folks would have you believe that was the case.

Here’s the reality, much like my take on the SAE video and our failure to address the problem by immediately resorting to closure, all our outburst did was force the women to take down their video.

Suddenly these women, for doing nothing more than having fun on camera and celebrating their model-esque physiques, are demons hired by Satan to ruin the lives of any woman who has worked a day in her life. What!?

Who cares if the women want to be shallow? Who cares if they want their chapter to be pretty, thin and blond? Who cares if this does nothing to help feminists trash any woman who has a different opinion of how to live her life?

Doesn’t this video give every other sorority at that institution a trump card? Doesn’t every other sorority now have the chance to demonstrate their real value?

The world should not be about shaming people, but that’s what we have come to. If there is a genuine problem with these women posting this video, the most we’ve done is make them take it down and build a coalition of people to disgrace them all over the internet.

Maybe this is just me, but is this not just some weird form of prohibition. It’s not your chapter! It’s not your decision who joins this chapter! It’s theirs!

I feel like some committee is going to begin sending scarlet letters to any relatively in-shape woman who posts a bikini picture online. This is not how fraternity men and sorority women react to things they disapprove of. This is Salem witch trials-type crap.

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