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Ad Fraud In The First Six Months of 2021

Ad fraud report 2021

New FraudScore’s report is here, and it covers the first half of 2021. After the global events of 2020 the whole world is slowly getting back on track, and so do the fraudsters. So FraudScore’s analysts team shares:

  • General ad fraud statistics for Jan-Jun, 2021;
  • Reports and insights regarding the most fraudulent geos, the most detected ad fraud types for both mobile and web traffic;
  • Ad fraud statistics for Android and iOS devices, and the most fraudulent app categories, etc.

This report not only shows the situation with global ad fraud in 2021, but also compares ad fraud data from 2020 and the current statistics for 2021.

In 2020 38% of global ad traffic was fraudulent, whilst in 2021 we see only 24.3% of ad fraud. Such a significant decrease! But why did it happen? What are the reasons? Is the situation really so good, and is the improvement so obvious? Are we going to have cleaner traffic from now on? Let’s find out!

Click here to download the report! Or check the full article at our recent blog post.

FraudScore’s team is always ready to answer your questions, and discuss global ad fraud, and our insights! Contact us via



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