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Ad Fraud Report 2022: January-June

FraudScore offers you to check our latest Ad Fraud Report about the first six months of 2022.

As it goes without saying — fraudsters are here, they are real, and their actions cause a lot of damage to ad campaigns. Recently, international reports say that users spend less time on their mobile phones than they did in 2021, but did it affect ad fraud? Are there any changes form 2021, and can we say that 2022 is better and safer? Let’s find out!

Download FraudScore’s Mid-Year Ad Fraud Report for 2022, and learn about:

  • how big the problem of ad fraud is in 2022;
  • trends and changes from 2021 to the mid-summer 2022;
  • mobile ad campaigns and detected ad fraud;
  • desktop traffic and the scale of ad fraud problem there;
  • forecasts from FraudScore’s annalists team.

Click here to get your copy of Ad Fraud Report by FraudScore!



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