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New for FraudScore.Action and SafeClick

Learn about updates for FraudScore Action & SafeClick

FraudScore’s team constantly works on improving and updating our traffic quality reports. We communicate with our clients, listen to their needs, and come up with ideas about the possible needed changes.

This time we want to share a couple of important updates that FraudScore released in Spring, 2022 for our two solutions — FraudScore.Action and SafeClick. Let’s take a look:

FraudScore.Action: Revenues and Payout added to the report

FraudScore.Action is a special tool developed for conversions and installs analysis. The tool is used by direct advertisers, ad agencies and CPA networks to check traffic quality for CPI, CPA and CPL campaigns.

Previously, users worked with FraudScore’s ad fraud report, read the data, used slices to group and dig deeper into detected ad fraud. Each conversion had a fraud score and detailed info on detected ad fraud types and symptoms.

Our recent update widens the range of data that FraudScore’s report gives to traffic managers. From now on — FraudScore demonstrates CR, Revenues and Payouts for each source (campaign), and saves time and efforts of the users:

CR, Payouts & Revenue added to your FraudScore Report

There is no need to switch between ad fraud reports and marketing platform reports to understand the value (and losses) of each source. All data is now demonstrated by FraudScore. And the more time traffic managers save on reading the reports and building ad fraud cases — the more time they have to do more important tasks.

SafeClick: Updates in the click quality report

SafeClick is FraudScore’s solution to fight click fraud in real time. SafeClick checks if the click is fraudulent or genuine, and based on the click quality — sends it either to the target URL or redirects it to the fallback URL.

Originally, SafeClick had two types of click traffic in the report — Good Clicks (marked Green), and Bad Clicks (marked Red). Clicks sent to Target URL are green in the report, and clicks sent to Fallback URL are red.

Users requested to add a third group for click quality to FraudScore’s SafeClick report — Orange — which means that fraudulent symptoms were detected for these clicks but they were sent to Target URL. Why is this update necessary? It helps companies to use SafeClick as in monitoring mode and work with click quality reports later.

Detected Group in Click Quality Report for SafeClick

Basically, clients can now use SafeClick to test a new source or partner, to check the traffic quality in ongoing campaigns, to test new creatives or campaign settings etc. All the clicks will be checked by FraudScore in real time, and traffic quality will be evaluated by SafeClick. In addition — SafeClick allows users to set filters for click fraud detection, and there is a lot of room for setting the tool according to your business needs. So one can play with ClickSpam settings without rejecting real traffic, and see the result in the DETECTED section. Once the right settings are found — they can be applied to be used in real time.

Do you have questions or requests about FraudScore? Please contact us! And we’ll find the right answer for you.



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