Creative Places to Hide Your Kids’ Presents

For example, in your festive doomsday bunker

Elle Rogers
Dec 12, 2019 · 2 min read

Are you tired of thinking up new and inventive places to hide your kids’ presents? Do they sniff out their holiday swag like bloodhounds on the trail of a bacon-wrapped convict? Not this year! This year, you’ll be prepared with a handy list of ultra-creative hiding places for all your present-protecting needs. Here we go…

  • In your doomsday bunker — Stash some gifts behind your Shetland pony-sized container of Tang and pallets of canned meat.
  • Up on the rooftop
  • In the walls — If you’re a handy soul who enjoys a good sledgehammering session, try busting through the drywall and stashing presents amongst the electrical wiring and squirrel nests. Then it’s a simple matter of patching, spackling, and repainting (plus some minimal cleanup) while your kids are off at school.
  • Inside the vacuum cleaner
  • At the office — No doubt your coworkers will have a blast playing with the American Girl® Beet Canning Factory and Baby Shark marionettes you nearly died purchasing on Black Friday.
  • In the chimney
  • Inside the 72-pound wheel of cheese you impulsively bought while at Costco
  • Under the carpet — As a bonus, the hidden mystery gifts will double as speed bumps for your hyped up, holiday-obsessed offspring.
  • In your car’s engine block — Caution: Choose another hiding spot for the deluxe chemistry set your son has had his heart set on since the unfortunate exploding mayonnaise incident.
  • With the cleaning supplies
  • Under the piles of glittery crafts, foodstuffs, and farm animals your kids keep bringing home from school
  • Inside the 97-inch teddy bear that Santa brought last year


We are parents and we are Frazzled.

Elle Rogers

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We are parents and we are Frazzled. Parenting humor in bits and pieces.

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