I Nearly Started a Brawl at a Child’s Birthday Party

Not everyone kept their hands to themselves

Claire Franky
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5 min readJun 15, 2024


Photo by Jorge Ibanez on Unsplash

“Would you like to carry Abbie’s birthday present?” I said to my two-year-old daughter as I helped her out of the car.


Of course not.

Sighing, I reached across the back seat, grabbed the wrapped box, and slung it under my arm.

“No pesent for Abbie,” my daughter stated as I locked the car.

I glanced down at her. “Why?”

“I’m cross with her,” she replied.

What? You’re two. You’re not supposed to have feelings yet.

Before I could pull out my parenting manual (Google) for a response, she added,

“Me not go to her party.”

So we’re just done with the stage where I take you wherever I want and you smile obliviously?

“We’re already at her party. Why don’t you want to go?”


Great reason.

I squatted down next to her, balancing the gift, my bag, stuffed animals, and used tissues on my knees.

“Is it because Abbie bumped into you at the park?”