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This is a cow. (Photo by Sophie Dale on Unsplash)

Frazzled is a place for parenting humor with a particular focus on fictionalized and conceptual humor about life with kids.

If you want to write parenting humor with us, send an email to frazzledparents@gmail.com with a link to an unpublished draft. Put “New Writer” in the subject line, please.

Please keep in mind the following guidelines for content.

What we’re looking for:

1. Funny!

Funny stuff only, please. Nothing that will make us cry. Unless it’s tears of joy.

2. Parenting!

The funny stuff needs to be in some way related to parenting.

3. Conceptual Fiction, Lists, Fake News, Fake Advice

All of these are golden. Check out what we’ve published already to get a better idea. Other humorous formats are also great. Bring them on.

These are our 3 most-read pieces to give you an idea of what we publish.

4. Nothing Terribly Offensive

We are very sensitive people, so please don’t scare us.

Other Notes:

  • Feel free to put your stories behind the paywall. We’re in favor of you making a few cents!
  • Once you’re added as a writer, you can submit drafts through Medium.
  • Include an image at the top of your stories and a strong title (and subtitle if it works for the piece). The easiest way to add free images is with the built-in Unsplash tool on Medium. If you can’t figure out how to add an image, we can add one for you!
  • If we make any edits to your stories, we’ll let you know (if it’s beyond simple formatting changes). But don’t expect too much from us. We’re perpetually Frazzled.

Thanks for your interest!

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