Introducing Fractal ID – Gateway to the Web 3.0

Remember how convenient registration and login processes became with the rise of the Facebook Login button? We thought this would be great for the decentralised web too – but without the data lock-in. So we built Fractal ID.

Fractal ID is an Open Authentication (oAuth) login process that offers banking-grade KYC/AML identification standards.

Having an existing Fractal ID, identifying your token launch contributors, or signing up your dApp users doesn’t take more than a click:

Fractal ID Demo

Convenience does not mean compromising data privacy: We are currently implementing the Sovrin DID as well as other decentralised ID protocols that enable you to own your own data. We comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), so you can request to have your data deleted anytime.

Fractal ID is free for you and your users.

We are currently in the Beta Phase for Fractal ID with the first batch. When we make the Fractal ID SDK and documentation available in November 2018, we will enable both dApps and other blockchain services to use our login services for free. Beforehand we will already allow users to create their own Fractal ID at also for free.

If you want to be part of our Beta Batch, please reach out to us at or write me on LinkedIn.

You can use Fractal ID for example to enable only verified customers to register with your decentralised eBay dApp or your Web 3.0 people-only-Twitter. We do have paid plans if you need the data e.g. because you are processing payments and you need us to comply with specific requirements. Needless to say, we only transfer data that your customers have given us explicit consent to share this data with you.

We use our own KYC/AML processes to enable a great user-experience

Going through a KYC/AML process is not a pleasant experience in the decentralised web. We tried to remedy it as best as we could:

Our interface for collecting user data is crafted to cater to the needs of an international crowd. We call it the Airport Approach: Your customers come from every corner of the world and might not speak English, time is crucial and you are working with international documents. So we spent a lot of time making the process as smooth as possible, taking one question at a time and adding easy-to-understand help sections.

A great user experience is more than just design. If we are serious about taking Blockchain mainstream, we must build software that people understand. If we are serious about building inclusive financial systems that is border-agnostic, we must cater to people that are not native speakers too.

We tackle regulatory compliance

We get it. Forcing your customers to upload documents sucks. But we are not going back to the good old days of the simple ERC20 smart contract ICO.

We are making it as smooth as we can both for you as well as for your clients. We are an interdisciplinary team that includes lawyers, designers and engineers right from the start. Compliance is baked into the system. As a matter of fact, our legal team grew so large that we fear our General Counsel (which is the fancy name for Adi Horowitz, our chief lawyer) will spin off her own legal office any day now. We are investing heavily to be compliant, monitor regulatory changes to stay this way and build our systems to ensure that checks are done adequately.

Join the Beta Batch

If you have a regular need to identify and onboard your clients, please reach out to us to talk about how we can improve your onboarding experience with Fractal and build a use-case that benefits us both. If you want to be part of our Beta Batch, please reach out to us at or connect with me on LinkedIn.

If you are curious about getting your own Fractal ID, I invite you to check out