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Introducing Fractal’s New Blockchain Lead: Shelby Doolittle

Shelby Doolittle joins the Fractal Team as our full-time Blockchain Lead

Shelby Doolittle is based in the US and has spent over 5 Years in total at Google. He was promoted within his first year while working there, and after a period where he left to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor of his own, he was taken back without interview due to his abilities and proven work ethic.

Shelby is truly excited to solve deep tech problems and build solutions and platforms that really scale. Coming from a significant tech and e-commerce background, he has found deep passion in solving data privacy problems and taking back ownership and putting data integrity in the hands of users.

We believe that Shelby’s extensive background in AI/Machine Learning, Blockchains, and programming languages (Rust, Javascript, Java, Ruby, and SQL just to name a few) make him a perfect fit for the Fractal team. His experience at Google sets us up well for building a solution that scales and serves the needs of all users. We feel confident that Shelby’s expertise will bring value and a bright future to Fractal.

During his entrepreneurial sabbatical, Shelby began creating and designing VR escape rooms that feature immersive experiences for users to be able to solve complex puzzles with their friends all within the confines of a virtual environment.

When it comes to crypto, Shelby is a fundamentalist in the best sense. He does not compromise when it comes to the quality or true values of decentralized technologies. For these reasons, we feel confident in his abilities to achieve great things with the technology changes that Blockchain technology makes possible.

We are excited to welcome Shelby to Fractal, and are confident that with his help, we can truly change the status quo of the Ad Market and bring fairness, transparency, and a symmetric relationship to users, content creators, and advertisers.

About Fractal Protocol

Built on Polkadot, Fractal is an open-source, zero-margin protocol that defines a basic standard to exchange user information in a fair and open way, ensuring a high-quality version of the free internet. In its first version, it is designed to replace the ad cookie and give users back control over their data.

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For the avoidance of doubt, please note that the Protocol has not been fully developed. Any statements made about the Protocol are forward-looking statements that merely reflect Fractal’s intention for the functioning of the Protocol. There are known and unknown risks that can cause the results to differ from the forward-looking statements.

Fractal does not intend to express investment, financial, legal, tax, or any other advice, and any conclusions drawn from statements in this article or otherwise made by Fractal shall not be deemed to constitute advice in any jurisdiction.

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Fractal builds real identities and privacy to empower real people. So you can secure, exchange and create value from your data in a decentralized way.

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Empowering and incentivizing users & businesses to exchange data in a privacy-preserving way.

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