Emotions Driving High Prices or Stupidity?

This will tell you all you need to know about the San Francisco market but, there is something truly wrong here.

But is it right to price a property well below what it will go for? Are the listing brokers misleading people?

They do this because they feel that if they price things low, it will get more people interested and then cause a flurry to bid it up basing decisions on emotion and not reality. Add to that people that are buying that don’t care if they pay too much because they have too much money and well, you can see, this can become a clusterduck!

Then it begs the question, should you buy in SF? I say, go look, fall in love but have someone that can be your limiter. As a buyer agent, I don’t let my people do anything stupid. Many agent want you to not only buy, but pay whatever you need to to get the sale done. They don’t know that #GreedIsGone.

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