Funeral for Flash

Finally. And what to do about it.

It’s so great when a dream comes true. New Flash: Adobe Flash is dead.

Steve Jobs is smiling in the place where software and industry people go after they die. Anyone familiar with this feud would want a front row seat to the funeral, whatever galaxy it may be in.

What is flash? You can click on the words Adobe Flash and go to the wikipedia answer if you’re into deep details but if not, let me give you my answer.

As a guy that is like a lot of people, I sorta knows computer stuff but can never get over the top and fully get it. Sound familiar?

I live in the Silicon Valley and am with a start-up of talented 20 somethings, but I can’t keep up.

But I do know that Adobe Flash caused tons of malicious bugs and the need for all the 17 pieces of defensive software that you have in your windows machine.

It was a gateway for little things to crawl around your computer, demand money, kill the whole hard drive. you remember when the hard drive crashed and then you learned about backups. Now, that’s to Google, you can upload everything without you thinking about or worrying!

Yes, the Russians know.

But as for the bugs, well let’s just say that you can get the Kaspersky virus protector on top of the Microsoft built in software along with the software that the guy who ran for President last time and lost puts out and there will still be a way to get through the browser with flash.

The issue now is what is next. You can Google to the obituralial technical stuff and read all about it, but for those that don’t speak geek, if you have any interaction with a website design and still uses it, going back to the Clinton Administration should see if the browser has flash, get a 12 year old to rewrite it in the proper, new language. The sooner the better.

And please, I beg of you, get a gmail email account. They are so much better at stopping spam and Russian spies. Your old account can be put into your new gmail account. Think of it as a new grandchild. And the older kid can come play with the newborn at your other daughter’s house (and you like her better anyway).

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