H1B Visa Property Owners and Jobs

Don’t panic. Yet

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If you live in the United States and working on an H1B visa and you own a house, relax.

The government can’t come and get it from you unless there was criminal activity involving you or your gang of bad hombres selling crack, speed and weed out of the bedroom.

You are smart people. You are here because companies like Google, Facebook, etc. need your brain. And certain people are jealous of your brain.

To all the political nudniks that are complaining about feriners takin yer jobs, this is your fault. If you had funded education years ago that trained people how to code, you would be all lilly white all over yer country.

Can you imagine if we took all the poor people that are fed the thought that working in a coal mine is just good, hard work that you can be proud of and trained them years ago to build and operate robots to pick coal? Then, the coal company would not have paid tons of money they were forced to to make the mines safe. Wouldn’t matter with robots.

You could have made West Virginia the center of the robot world. Since robots are the future of manufacturing. You blew it.

So now, you have minors and their families suffering from all kinds of lung issues for no reason. And to top it off, you are trying to kill their healthcare.

Genius? Nope. Politics.

Now, back to H1B. What happens if something happens? Prepare for the worst.

First, prepare. Talk to an attorney that understands trusts. Put all your assets in that trust so it is blocked from being in your personal name.

Second, set up with a real estate brokerage to maintain your property and deal with the details of ownership even if you are thinking about keeping the home.

Third, get involved. There are groups that have organized to prevent this nonsense from happening.

Fourth- Get your company involved if they already are not. Google, Facebook, etc are spending money on lawyers. They are heavily invested in you and protecting you.

Fifty- Learn where to find a sanctuary city just in case.


More info from the New York Tims: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/04/technology/tech-roundup-changes-to-the-h-1b-visa-program-begin.html?partner=IFTTT&_r=0

and this: https://www.axios.com/changing-h-1b-rules-computer-programmers-2344818625.html?utm_medium=linkshare&utm_campaign=organic

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