Own San Francisco Real Estate for $35,000 and what to do with it.

No, Not kidding

Really, this is not a mistake. Not, April fools.

There is a driveway that people use to get to their homes that you can own.

You can’t build on it. You have to pay taxes, insurance and any other necessary items to maintain it. But, it’s yours

You can……..

-Impress your friends that you own real estate in the hottest market in California, beautiful San Francisco.

-You have to come and check on your investment. Therefore, the trip to San Francisco to say hi to your land needs to correspond with the Grateful Dead‘s 240th Reunion Concert brought to by Oaksterdam University , a place of higher learning. Literally.

-Makes a great engagement present. BG/BB/GG can try to sub-divide it when they get divorced

And for you out-of-the-box-insane-loving-ideas-tv-show-kinda-dude/dudette:

  • Air Rights: You’ll own the air above. This way, you can blackmail the U S Navy (that Trump heads) to pay you a fee to fly over or pollute your air space for Fleet Week. By the way, we hope you like the brig.

Get a price to removal all of the driveway cement, sell off a piece of San Francisco to collectors around the world and pay for a new driveway and a profit.

Or, let’s hear your idea or you want more details, try fred@fredglick.com or 650.935.5626

Fred Glick
Real Estate Broker plus other stuff