Palo Alto

the good side

(First, I love Silicon Valley on HBO as much as you do. But, I had to give the other side!)

I’ve lived here about a year now having no expectations due to Palo Alto’s history.

There are basically two Palo Altos. One is where there is commerce occuring with many, many, many choices of food and drink and the quiet, residential areas.

It’s very relaxing, convenient and tranquil. It’s a great jumping off point to get to anywhere that Caltrain can take you.

Roberts delivering packages and driverless cars just blend in.

Bike riding is very, very big here. Anything from a simple commuter junker sat on by techies to family sedans where there a rig in the front and the back.

The bike riding is pretty safe in the neighborhoods as long as you plan your route.

And when you are done, head over to Cafe Venetia on University for delicious and tipless cafe, pastries, food, wine, etc.

Then head home and choose from ATT and Comcast for internet. The oligopoly is alive and well here.

I have to admit, that the Xfinity internet is reliable and close to speed promises. Then again, I don’t play video games but I stream video.

Food. That’ll be the next post.