Real Estate Market is in Recession

In some places and most of it is do to one thing that can be changed.

I am not getting political, I just want to point out facts. According to ArchMI, there are 8 states that have economic situations that make them weary of insuring homes.

If you live in Wyoming, North Dakota, Alaska, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico or Texas, watch out!

And the main culprit seems to be energy. Coal and oil specifically. When are the politicians and the residence in these states going to stop listening the oil and coal industries that are sucking out the last dollars they can from their fossil fuels and realize that there are alternatives and those alternatives can provide jobs and make money!

Why? So you can survive. You do not have to live in poverty, you don’t have to live in a declining market. You can become something better, make your families happier, improve your quality of life and increase the value of your homes.

How? Change. I know, you hate that word. If you don’t, it is only going to get worse.