Silicon Valley Middle Class People, I Have an Answer to Your Housing Needs

A lot of press has been written about the fact that teachers who work in school districts in high priced areas have to travel many hours each day just to go back and forth to work because of skyrocketing prices.

The average 3 bedroom home is not affordable. Our society does not pay teachers a high enough wage to live where the their students do.

A wonderful organization called Palo Alto Forward is holding an event to try and solve this crisis, yes, crisis looking for middle class housing solutions.

But, I just may have one.

When you buy a property, there are two things involved, the land and the improvement to the land. If you did not own the land, the affordability comes way down.

Living room with fireplace.

Thanks for the advent of modern modular construction, it is time to rediscover an old housing type that is being modernized. It’s OK again to live in a community of homes where you pay rent for the land and could literally take your house with you!

You can get a home in a community filled with a new breed of people who take care of their homes, care about their neighbors and have a short commute for under $400,000. Yes, under $400,000 with financing available with as little as 5% down.

These homes have about 1500 square feet, public water, real sewers, neighborhood pool and spa, off-street parking, gardening areas, full kitchens, etc. And, it is in the Sunnyvale school district!

It’s not full of drug dealers, slobs, dudes fixing old cars with their shotguns next to them. I have met nurses, CPAs and former million-dollar homeowners that cashed in and lead a more relaxed life.

Want to know more, go to Yes, this is my new listing and I wanted to make sure that middle class people have a place to live where they can enjoy the area without the high price.

Yikes. No, it does not look like this anymore.


Changing the narrative in housing..…

Fred Glick

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Changing the narrative in housing. Commissions need to come down, municipalities need to up and mortgages need more common sense underwriting.



Changing the narrative in housing..…

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