Welcome to the SiliCruzValley or is it SiliCruzBeach?

Tech comes to a beach in No Cal

With many people leaving the Silicon Valley mostly because of high prices, culture and quality of life.

If they didn’t move to Portland because they needed to stay close, the new chic is the Santa Cruz area.

Why? First, prices are cheaper! Second, prices are cheaper. Third, prices are cheaper. You know that old saying about location, location and location? Now, price comes into a heavier part of the decision because of uncontrollable supply and demand.

Santa Cruz is not too far. I get to here in 40 minutes from Palo Alto in no traffic. SJC airport is 25 minutes away.

There’s the Pacific Ocean and it’s beaches. There’s surfing, there’s so many parks that are nice! There are walking trails in the mountains, bike paths and of course, great places and drink coffee!

Yes, this is just a primer about what the area has to offer. If you want more information, click here!

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