Lahore Real Estate Exhibits Bullish Investment Trends

The property sector of Pakistan is one of the promising industries of the country. It is an investment haven that provides a number of investment prospects not only to the local investors, but also to the foreign financiers and overseas Pakistanis.

Amongst other cities of the country that boast for their numerous real estate investment options, the city of Lahore is accredited as the investment hotspot for the property investors. Thanks to the property portals like, which assist the investors, buyers and sellers to search required properties over the web without much hassle.

Lahore real estate currently shows notable buoyant trends, as the property prices are increasing with passing time and this trend line does not appear to level off in the near future. An increasing footfall of investors is being witnessed due to the promising nature of the sector. The prices of residential and commercial properties have increased by manifolds in the first half of 2013. Not only the sale prices but the rental prices have also been witnessed to gain a bullish trend.

Whether it’s about houses in DHA Lahore, properties in Bahria Town, values of shops in commercial plazas or prices of properties in the other townships of Lahore, there is an overall air of rising trends in the real estate sector of the city. The sector was affected adversely in the aftermath of property bubble burst back in 2008. However, it resurfaced notably in the previous year and also in the first half of current year.

Demarcation of the city of Lahore is also changing because new communities are being added in it with the passage of time. The sector not only showed upswings in the property prices, but the concept of lavish living is also being addressed in the latest communities.

Investors are still funnelling huge moneys in the sector to bag returns, but the concerns over the property bubble burst still prevail in the property market. Government of Pakistan has not yet devised robust plans to safeguard the investors’ concerns, but if the concerns remain unaddressed, it may lead Lahore real estate towards another crackdown, which investors are not in the slightest mood to face.

The real estate sector contributes largely to the economic growth of the country. Now it is the duty of government to formulate legislation, so that the property sector could experience a poised growth while avoiding the risks related to the boom and bust cycle at the same price.