The Resurrection Of A Dying Breed

Source: NY Times

The mere fact that Trump and supporters in the background (both black and white) laugh when Don King uses the n-word. This isn’t an insult to either party; it’s a disgrace to all of humanity. And don’t get it twisted. I said the same thing about now (FORMER) Comedy Central host, Larry Wilmore, when he referred to Pres. Obama as his n-word & was equally as disgusted by Obama’s smile & chest pound response. I don’t care from whose mouth it comes, the term is inappropriate. Period.

In the Netflix Original series, The Get Down, Zeke, one of the main characters pens a poem about his life growing up in the Bronx in the 70’s. There’s a line that says, “They don’t care about us *n-words* is how my pops explained it. But I didn’t know I was a *n-word* until my dad proclaimed it. Six months later my pops was dead, too. Drug-related shots fired, his skin turned cold blue.”

The modern day message — We have to stop speaking these things over our young black men. We have been positioned to stop the foolishness of Don King in this video all together. Don King could be a dying breed, but only if we let him.

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