How to code like a Hacker in the terminal

Caleb Taylor
Oct 17, 2018 · 7 min read
Source: Pablo Stanley via Twitter

Shell (zsh)

Session Management (tmux)

Organize your terminal with sessions and use fzf for fuzzy create/finding/deleting of sessions

Search (ripgrep)

ripgrep in action

Fuzzy Finding (fzf)

Now you can run “fo” fuzzy-find and open a file

Terminal Prompt (Spaceship)

Welcome to the future… but actually the present. Hackers/astronauts only.

Changing directories (z)

cd ~/code/personal/cool/hacker
z hacker

Bonus Hacker Tools

Pro Tip: Watch star wars in another tmux pane while working. No one will question you.
God bless the commands in the terminal

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