How my side project satisfied my curiosity — and made me $3,000

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How this website makes money

For this project, I chose the Amazon Affiliate Program, since Amazon is the biggest book store I know of. Account registration was pretty straight forward, so I received my affiliate tag to use in links on my website in less than an hour.

Cold start

After everything was up and running, I’ve posted link to on Hacker News and Reddit, trying to attract some developers’ attention to my project.

The Breakthrough

Reading this article by Quincy Larson, I found a very useful tool for making the headline called Headline Analyzer. I tried the headline I used for my posts, and got quite low rating, so I started to make a better headline to repost my website.

Google Analytics audience overview for February 2017,


The next day, I created a geolocation report from Google Analytics and found out that I was getting quite a bit of traffic from Asia and Europe — particularly Russia.

The most interesting part

In the pictures below, you can see statistics from for the month of February 2017. From the European cluster of Amazon in total I got just a bit more than $250. Could it be more if I have done geolocation based links from the very beginning? For sure.

$490 on February 9th
Summary for February 2017

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