How to go from coding tutorials to building your own projects

Madison Kanna
Sep 12, 2018 · 6 min read

1. Add new features to your tutorial apps

Tutorials were (and are) a big part of how I learn to code, and they allow me to learn from some of the best programmers. Yet, at the end of project-based tutorials, I would often realize that although I had a finished app, I hadn’t built it so much as I had simply watched the instructor and copied their code.

2. Build Google Chrome extensions

As a beginner, I was itching to build and finish something. Yet, when I did try to build new projects, I felt discouraged realizing I could work on an app for weeks and weeks and still be nowhere close to completing it.

“You get to practice JavaScript without having to build and design an application from scratch — it just plugs into something you already use.”

As Sentance points out, these little ‘apps’ in JavaScript give you enormous power. You can build extensions that add functionality to any pages you’re on, and the possibilities for what your extension could do are endless.

3. Build projects with a friend


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