How to make your own Python dev-server with Raspberry Pi

Karan Asher
Sep 15, 2018 · 8 min read

Step 0. Define the goal

Step 1. State the assumptions

Step 2. Find the Pi’s IP address

Step 3. Connect to the Pi using ssh

Terminal window after successfully connecting to the pi

Step 4. Create a project directory

Create and verify the project directory

Step 5. Install Flask

Install flask

Step 6. Write some basic code

Navigate to project directory and create a new file
Start the remote server
Start editing the file remotely
Create a basic website
Run the website
Check the webpage in a browser

Step 7. Add more routes

Add a meow route
Verify that the new route works as expected

Step 8. Add structure to your code

Add structure to your code
HTML code for the homepage
Use the new index.html file and render it using
Create the css file
Some css code

Step 9. Take advantage of Jinja

Pass the my_list as a parameter to index.html
Display my_list on the webpage

Step 10. Next steps

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