The world’s easiest introduction to WebAssembly🕹

WASM in Golang for JavaScript developers.

An interactive <canvas> laser game for cats 🐈 on your phone 📱written completely in Golang. Being inspected by Matsu 😼

Storyline 📝

Intro explained!

How is WASM different from the Service and Web Workers?

Setup the dev env 💻

$ GOOS=js GOARCH=wasm go build -o game.wasm main.go

Show me the Go code already!


Oh mama 😻 It’s there!

“Rendering” and the event handling

Logging, Audio and “async”

Running our game forever! ♾

Updating the game state and moving the red laser


Gameplay 😻

Who is using WASM already?

WASM in the Web3 era

Useful WASM articles, resources & goodies 🔧

Next article? ✍️

About me ⚡️



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