I came to my job after holidays and I quit

I came to my job on Monday after two weeks being formally on holidays but living my normal life (doing freelance, learning and training) and I quit the job. Just because it was killing me slowly.

I fucked up my life again. It’s not brave or cool but I’m feeling better!

Quitting is always a big fear

Quitting the job is a huge step and it wasn’t easy to fight this fear.

Do you think I’m crazy or I have a good backup — properties, bank accounts, rich husband? No, I haven’t. I just don’t have a second life too.

Before to quit always try to think why did you started? Can you change something? If you will quit, can it improve your life? I started because I don’t have other choices with relocation. I tied to make changes (and even successfully) and I believe that quitting will improve my life soon.

Now I have the same feeling as when I’ve been quitting University with the good scores after the first year. Imagine, you’re a good student, why you’re quitting? I realised that it will be better for me and I did. But the real reason was time\value\future correlation. I was looking for more optimal way and i’m doing it now.

You don’t have to do something just because other people doing, or because it’s “normal” in our society.

If you want extra, you have to do extra and be ready to take extra risks too.

I always knew it. I have to do the only things if I can bring some value, or I can get some. If I have an answer why I’m doing this (for visa or for money, or for stability aren’t an answers for me).

No one know how many times I’ve been writing resignation letter… and deleting it... (that’s the shame, better don’t know it) Why I sent it now? For me, it’s very important to quit in a good way. It’s about professional and business ethics. I’ve been tried to quit first time in August, but was really hard time and hot conversations. I spent time to find a way how to protect myself from really bad things and it’s working fine now.

My flat mates told me: “Slow down, what is the shit you’re doing. You are playing dangerous. You’ll have to leave the country and start your life again. It’s nearly impossible to get a job with visa sponsorship in a short period. Especially after breaking your contract. Companies will don’t believe that you’re reliable person. You’ve done it once it doesn’t mean you can do it again.” (1% of all the positions, government quota and bla-bla-bla).

They are right, I’m not sure that I can do it again. This slavery for visa aka immigration’s job market is horrible. People who offering the job and making you think that you’re nothing. They are just totally unprofessional. Unhappy people can’t perform well and make a business growing. Huge recruitment market, 4 hours interviews with the stupid questions how to shift a bits in 3-d array…. I’ve never used it in real life… Have to be another way.

I always prefer difficulties, risk, growing and being valuable and honest instead of stability or protecting myself. This is my way how to have not boring life, enjoy and never regret.

Yesterday in the company meeting we have announced my resignation. So, now definitely it will happen. The only one thing makes me think that everything is not bad and even less dangerous than I’m thinking, company forced me to work one month more (they have asked about two months for beginning). It means I’m doing my job well and bringing some profit… but after this month I’ll need detoxification for my brain. Too much pressure.

The immigration office will contact you soon…

From February I’ll count days till visa cancellation and try to find a way how to fix this issue.

Hopefully, immigration office will give me about 60 days to find a new job with visa sponsorship and reapply for visa or I’ll have to move out from the country.

Everything will be fine. I’m sure. I have a plan, plan-B and plan-C :).

Play hard or go home.