Apache Superset-Build Custom Visualization Plugin (Hello World)

Before following below steps, Kindly ensure that you have Nodejs, npm, Yarn installed along with Apache Superset Development Environment.

Once you have all above requirements met then follow below steps.

Step 1: Install Yeoman and Superset Package Generator by typing command npm install -g yo @superset-ui/generator-superset

Step 2: Install Superset UI by first cloning superset-ui repo with command git clone https://github.com/apache-superset/superset-ui.git in superset directory

Step 3: Now move in superset-ui directory and type command yarn install

Step 4: Now after installing superset-ui move in plugin folder and create new hello-world plugin folder and run command yo @superset-ui/superset to generate plugin.

Step 5: Now choose plugin package/Name/Description/react component/regular or time series etc as shown in below screen.

Step 6: Now move in Superset-Frontend folder and open package.json file to edit.

Step 7: After opening file add line for your plugin as shown in row 99

Step 8: Now move to directory presets and open file Mainpreset.js to edit

Step 9: Now after opening file first add your plugin detail as shown in line 29

Step 10: Now stay in same file and add line for your plugin as shown in line 129

Step: 11 Now link you plugin with superset with NPM link command as shown below and then run “npm run dev-server” in superset frontend folder then login in superset to see your plugin.

Hope this helps in getting started with building Apache Superset custom visualization plugin.

 by the author.



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