PSD Repo Weekly Freebies #87

In this issue: Startup UI kits, wireframing kit, portfolio templates, some app icons, a cool light studio setup, a printable Google Nexus pixel grid template, etc.

Service Website Template

An elegant and free template that can help you create a website for different services. Author: George. Get it →

Grace UI Kit Sample

Grace is a modern and minimalistic free UI kit that will help you simplify your work. Author: Illia Nesterov. Get it →

Cover Phoenix Startup

Here is a free cover sample of Phoenix, a startup UI kit that helps you create stunning websites. Author: Dima Blover🔸. Get it →

Minimalistic Portfolio Template

A minimalistic and free portfolio template for all designers to use to create their website. Author: Yuri. Get it →

Insta UI Kit

Insta is a free UI kit based around a photo social network platform similar to Instagram that has all the basic elements for you to begin prototyping your application. Author: UIBOX. Get it →

Snow Portfolio Template

Snow’ is a free and minimalistic theme specially designed for all kinds of creators. Author: Svetlana S. Get it →

Studio Pro Lights 1.0

StudioPro Lights is a free light studio setup suited for posters, flyers, ads, sports portraits, product showcases and many more. Author: Burhan Khawaja. Get it →

Blokk Kit: Smart Hi-Fi Wireframe Screens

Here is a free sample from Blokk, a set of 170+ wireframe screens in 14 popular categories perfect to compose any kind of clean one page website Author: Robert Mayer. Get it →

Printable Google Nexus Pixel Grid Template

Behnam Sobhkhiz for his project had to create his own Google Nexus pixel grid template in order to pring. Get it →

App Icons

Here’s a cool set of icons crafted by Toby Scott for you to use however you see fit. Get it →

How to Combine Icons from Different Sets in Your UI

There is no problem in finding icons. Thousands of designers draw icons daily, and hundreds of websites offer them, often for free. The variety is huge. With that variety, however, comes a problem.

Applying Product Marketing Principles to Your Design Portfolio

I’m often asked to review designer portfolios from students anxious to lock down a dream job, and young designers looking to move up the…

Design Principles Behind Great Products

The compilation of subtle principles that drive design decisions in widely known products and design systems

A Brand is a Relationship

We realize that branding is not just about a logo — it’s about a larger design system. This is a slightly expanded mindset, and usually comes from having some experience within the field.

Terrible UX Trends for 2017

Pay attention, these are going to take over the UX universe.