Sketch Freebies & Resources #74

VR Prototyping Template for Sketch, Google Ads Sizes Sketch Template, Live Tutorial — Auto Layout for Sketch, and more

VR Prototyping Template for Sketch

This useful VR prototyping template for Sketch was designed and shared by Gabriel Valdivia from the Facebook design team. Get it →

Google Ads Sizes Sketch Template

This useful Sketch template for Google ads sizes was designed and shared by Sedki Alimam. Get it →

Admin Dashboard Concept

Clean and simple admin dashboard concept made in Sketch Author: Burak. Get it →

Lego-style Emoji for Sketch

This cute pack of lego-style emojis for Sketch was designed and shared by luka dadiani. Get it →

Windows 10 Project NEON Groove Music UI

This free Windows 10 Project NEON groove music UI was designed and shared by Chip Dong Lim. Get it →

Live Tutorial — Auto Layout for Sketch — YouTube

A video tutorial that explains what is Auto Layout and how to use the Auto Layout Sketch Plugin.

Idea: Sketch Resize to Fit the Width/ Height

I have this idea where we can decide how our artboard should fit. We can choose to fit horizontally (based on width), vertically (based on height), or auto (like current Resize to Fit feature). Mos…

Designing an efficient design process

I’ve been a keen user of Sketch for some time. In the past few years design has moved away from heavy chrome, high impact visual and so the tools of our trade have had to adapt.

Designing A Responsive Music Player In Sketch (Part 1)

Sketch is known for its tricky, advanced facets, but it’s not rocket science. We’ve got you covered with The Sketch Handbook which is filled with practical examples and tutorials that will help you get the most out of this mighty tool.

Perfect dashboard graph in 1 minute

I decided to create simple tutorial to show you how easy it is to create perfectly looking graph. Guide was created in Sketch but it will work in any other graphic software with pen tool.

Icon design-Best Practices

We have adopted the specific guide after a long process of evolution, trying different grids and styles.

Sketch Runner v0.8 Released

Runner v0.8 is out! Plugin integration. Run Last Action + neat UI updates: icons FTW!

Bookmark your place and zoom in Sketch

When working on a long document in, I often thought that it would be nice to quickly navigate between my reference and the current working place. So, I wrote a little script to do just that. You can save 5 bookmarks per page and navigate quickly between them.

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