Sketch Freebies & Resources #79

Full-vector iOS 10 GUI, Timesheet and Statistics Dashboard, Sketch Pages-to-Folder Plugins, Autolayout Tutorial, iOS User Flows Pack

Timesheet and Statistics Dashboard Screen

A timesheet and statistics dashboard screen with well balanced colors and a nice design. Author: Alan Podemski. Get it →

iOS User Flows Pack

This useful pack of iOS user flows was designed and shared by STRV. Get it →

REDS UI Kit Sample

This is a free sample from REDS — a Sketch UI kit containing 8 iOS screens. Author: Roman Shelekhov. Get it →

iOS 10 GUI

This useful full vector iOS 10 GUI was designed and shared by Every Interaction. Get it →

Music Player for Sketch

This is a nice music player made in Sketch and designed by Marko Jotic. Get it →

Preparing and Exporting SVG Icons in Sketch

This article is going to assume that you already understand the fundamentals of icon design. And focus on how to prepare and export them…

Sketch Pages-to-Folders Plugin

I wanted to play with the new Sketch JS API for quite some time, so I built this small tool that exports all your artboards and organizes them into folders (which are based on the page where the artboard was).

Autolayout in Sketch

Tutorial: Designing for various screen sizes with the Auto Layout plugin

How To Create A Realistic Clock In Sketch

Learn how you can recreate real-world objects with Sketch in a very accurate way. This tutorial will teach you how to create a realistic clock.

Sketch Plugin Monster

A Sketch plugin for managing all plugin shortcuts in Sketch.