17 programming languages you need to know in 2016

Kevin de Asis
Feb 21, 2016 · 3 min read
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This is an amazing language to introduce coding for kids. It is easy to learn for non-techies. It is mostly visual and used for educational and entertainment purposes.

Cons: Can’t be used for serious applications.


Everyone Loves Python. Python is easy to use and one of the most readable languages. Big companies are using Python.

Cons: I give Python a rating of 5/7 for its speed.


Some programmers like to make fun of Java. It is great if you want to build an Android app or work with massive enterprise apps. It’s arguably very fast and memory safe. It’s a language that keeps getting better bit by bit.

Cons: Oracle


Designed by Microsoft. The future of C# looks very exciting. It will be supporting Tuples, Pattern Matching, Algebraic Data Types, Async Streams.

Cons: Jack of all trades. Master of None

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Julia is stellar for technical computing and it’s easy to make it faster than R or Python.

Cons: Hmmm….


Matlab competes with Julia / NumPy / R. Matlab has a nice plotting tool. It is used heavily in academia.

Cons: Matlab licenses are expensive / Not Open Source


If you know Javascript, you should try typescript. It is a superset of Javascript. Javascript code works in Typescript.

Cons: More typing


The future of Javascript. Code with less spaghetti code.

Cons: I love Javascript, but its still Javascript


Apple’s love child.

Cons: Hmmm…


Scala is a JVM supported language. I like to call Scala, Java on steroids.


A very fast functional language. It uses the JVM and can play well with Java.

Cons: Syntax is awful


Statisticians love R. It is used for statistical and data analysis. R beats Python for basic and advanced stats.

Cons: Shouldn’t be used for general purpose


Google’s love child. Best server side language ever. Go will replace C for some stuff in the kernel.

Cons: Hmmm….


If you’re trying to make something with massive concurrency, scalability, and robustness to fault tolerance then Erlang is for you.

Cons: Can make simple stuff annoying


Mozilla’s love child. Rust is C on steroids. Fast, safe, and can play with metal.

Cons: Hmmm….


Elm is a sexy programming language that uses functional reactive programming to build user interfaces without destructive updates. It can dance with HTML, CSS, & Javascript.


Erlang’s younger sibling.

Cons: Not meant to play with the OS

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Which language do you think people should know about in 2016?

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