Need stills AND video in your portfolio? Verse can help

After years as a staff senior multimedia producer for (and John Brecher made the move to independent work.

The career change meant his somewhat neglected professional website needed an overhaul.

His challenge? “I worked for years as a still photographer before moving into video. As a result, I have both stills and video in my portfolio — in some cases mixed in the same project,” John said.

We talked about how Verse could be used to create a portfolio site. It had been on my mind because of my experience as a long-time assignment editor for, where I worked with John. Photographer websites often displayed stills well, but seldom also displayed video well. I’d often be shuttling between their portfolio and a Vimeo or YouTube channel to explore a freelancer’s multiple medium skill set.

Verse as a portfolio tool solved the issue of seamlessly combining these stills and video. According to John, “Verse displays all of it together, in any combination, without making one medium superior to the other. And it’s easy to use and embed.”

It also solved another problem: linking to broken web pages.

The jpgs, prints and negatives from his Alaska and Wyoming newspaper days were sometimes easier to keep archived than his published work on the internet. Though they were newer, some web stories died on broken pages — even ones published as recently as three years ago.

Verse helped him quickly organize media from different formats, mediums and eras into a clean, integrated experience. View John’s portfolio site.

In addition to client work, John is shooting a personal project about solar energy. Follow this ongoing work on his website and Instagram.

Written by VERSE Executive Producer, Meredith Hogan