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Here’s Why You Should Start Journaling Your Life

Reset your priorities and don’t take things for granted anymore

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Start writing daily to reset your brain, and focus on the priorities in life. What do I mean by that?

If somebody were to approach me a few years back, saying I should start documenting my life through a personal journal, I’d most likely put my hand in front and tell them to stop wasting their time. Nobody would’ve been able to convince me to do so. I mean, who has the time to jot down their day-to-day routine? Why do I want to repeat what I’ve just experienced by the end of the day?

Wake up, get ready for work, work, come home, tired, passed out in bed. It would’ve been my typical routine, and I swear I could’ve honestly copied and pasted this for the entire year and said I’ve written a diary. I didn’t think there was much point back then in reminding myself of the mundane life I had every night.

I did make a couple of attempts here and there, but I never committed and dove into it too deeply that it left a bad taste in my mouth. I might write for a few weeks, then quit, start again a few months later, rinse and repeat. I didn’t think much of it because, in the end, it’s only writing a few words that took a maximum of ten minutes of my time. But I didn’t manage to make it last, and the empty pages were piling on as the neglect grew by the weeks, months, and years.

Growing Curiosity Again

However, my curiosity slowly grew back again because my wife had started journaling her life every day. Even when nothing, in particular, had happened, she would still write it down. It’s always been on my mind whether or not to truly commit to this activity every single day. I suppose I saw it as a couple-activity of reading from the back of what has been going on in our lives like a storybook.

As my interest peaked eventually, I started to journal my life again as well. But I’m not as old fashioned, and I can’t stick to pen and paper, so I went digital and wrote down the happenings weekly instead of daily. Anyway, long story short, I’ve been doing so until this day, switched to daily journaling, and I can’t imagine not doing so moving forward in life anymore.

What changed exactly?

I’m not really sure, to be honest. No one could’ve forced me to start a diary. Sure, my wife played a key role in getting me started again, but one day I decided to commit to it and had a plan moving forward. It was like an epiphany, and I got started. The failure to carry on during my first attempts had allowed me to make a different approach I guess?

Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash

The Transformation

I’m not going to bore you with all the habit-building routine and my incremental life changes that have allowed me to begin journaling daily.

The important part I want to share is, journaling has allowed my brain to reset my priorities by the end of the day. In turn, this has given me the clarity necessary to remain productive. It would help if you also wrote down a few things you’re grateful for because it allows you to reflect, and it helps you focus on the important parts of life.

How does journaling help with that?

I found out that what happens during the day isn’t a crucial part of it. Instead, it’s the notion of setting time to write because it forces you to reflect on yourself, given the noise we’re facing nowadays. It’s very similar to any form of meditation, and you’re filtering out the kinks in the brain, enabling you to have greater mental clarity in life.

Why didn’t I think of this before?

I don’t think my approach to it was correct. I know it might sound silly because it’s only putting a few words on paper. Still, all I thought of back then was how pointless it was reminding myself of the monotonous routine I had by the end of my day, and I’d rather use that time (yep, even only ten minutes) to do something I enjoy.

Why is Journaling Important to You?

Because it’s one way to rid of all the distractions and focus on your goals. Also, being grateful and reminding myself daily has allowed me not to take certain things in life for granted anymore, and I can honestly say I’ve been a happier person since.

At least, that is how I’ve been finding it crucial to reach my aspiration in life. Maybe it can also play a role in yours too? I’d say give it a go because, at the very least, it will not set you back nor have any adverse effects in the short or long run.

As a reminder, I suggest you find a balance when introducing new routines in life because habits are built from consistency and not overworking yourself in a span of a few months.

Thanks again for dropping by. I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to read my articles. Until my next one, take care, stay safe, and I’ll catch you all soon!



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