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Toxic German Leadership during the Pandemic

Sorry, we don’t want to repeat history

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Germany has been a country riddled with separation. We had a wall go through the land for 25 years separating East from West. We carry the burdens of WWI and WWII, something that’s still being talked about in the news on a weekly basis. We have monuments reminding us of the past. The wounds have not healed yet.

Yet, as there is a saying that all good things are three, we are now in a pandemic that is again separating people. Followers and non-followers of the system. Believers and non-believers. Pro-democracy and pro-government.

It has become very clear that in a year people can be easily manipulated, shamed, and repressed of their most basic human needs. And subsequently pushed into division, opposing groups, enemies. Neighbors that are blackmailing each other, calling the police if more than one friend is invited over. People yelling at each other on the street, if someone is not wearing a mask. People shaming each other, if one decides not to get vaccinated.

What the German government is showing, is not an example of how to handle the pandemic in the most healthy and human way. What the German government is showing, is toxic German leadership that’s totalitarian, unreasonable, and last but not least dangerous. It’s showing that WWI and WWII are still in our DNA and that toxic behavior runs through generations.

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Epigenetics is running deep into the Past

Epigenetics has proven that we are linked seven generations backward to our ancestors. Family Constellation by Hellinger has proven that history is repeating itself, again and again, and again in families. There are patterns that run so deep in our DNA as people, that we have to consciously wake up and see these patterns to consciously release them. Otherwise, generation after generation is making the same mistakes.

Germany has not woken up yet. It’s in a deep slumber of mental ideas of what’s good for the people and what’s needed, so disconnected from the body, from health, and from life, that there is no life force connected to any decision that the government is making.

The more people are repressed, locked in at home, and denied of their basic human needs, imprisoning them in their own homes, the more their immune system is suffering. The easier it is to attract any kind of disease because the person is already at dis-ease with their life.

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Joe Dispenza proves that Heart Healing dispels Covid

In a recent study, Dr. Joe Dispenza ran a trial with one of the attendees of his retreat. The person came in pretty bad shape, mentally, emotionally, and physically ill. Dispenza and his team took blood samples of him before and after the retreat and injected Covid into the samples.

The blood from before the retreat of the man had a strong reaction to Covid, the blood from after the retreat, when heart-opening and healing work had been done, showed almost zero reaction to Covid. Watch the snipped inside this video here (it’s a long talk, but the example is in there).

This also means that the more people feel connected, are engaging in activities that open their heart (anything that releases fear and creates a sense of belonging), and can freely express themselves, are less susceptible to illness.

Where the German Government is getting it all wrong

What the German government with a lockdown since November 2020 is trying to do, is not to protect its people. That’s six months of lockdown and I suspect it to go until June, then there will be a break of three months, and then they will continue.

It’s doing the opposite. It’s locking people away from every opportunity to feel healthy, happy, and connected so that the heart opens and the body heals. Instead, the agenda of the government is inducing fear, where there is no need for fear. And it’s playing mind games where mature leadership would take responsibility.

According to the 5 Levels of Maslow´s Hierarchy of Basic Human Needs, we need exactly that, what is being withheld from most people during the pandemic. In other words: The government is eroding our foundation. It’s eroding what makes us human and therefore deliberately having a detrimental effect on our mental, physical and emotional well-being.

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Maslow’s 5 Levels of Basic Human Needs are the basics, not the extra.

  1. Physiological needs: are survival needs, which need to be addressed first and foremost. Food, water, a home, sufficient rest, clothing, health, reproduction. They need to be fulfilled before we move on to the next. How many people have not had sufficient rest because of home office and homeschooling?
  2. Safety needs: are the absence of violence and theft, emotional stability, health, and financial stability. How many people have had emotional instability and financial insecurity because of the pandemic?
  3. Love and belonging needs: is the third of the most basic needs. Social interaction, friendships, touch, bonding, physical and emotional intimacy elevate the sense of Self, as well as belonging to a group, such as co-workers, teammates in a sports team, or a social club. How many people are completely separated from all of their social needs since the Pandemic? And let’s be real, online is not cutting it.
  4. Esteem needs: are still basic, but a little higher up in the hierarchy. They supplement the ego and give a sense of purpose, i.e. self-respect (the belief that you are valuable and deserving of dignity) and self-esteem (confidence in your potential for personal growth and accomplishments). This can be further broken down into two types, self-esteem through recognition and respect from others as well as self-esteem through our own self-assessment. How many people lost their self-esteem through the limited potential of personal growth and dignity in the pandemic?
  5. Self-actualization needs: is composed of multiple components, such as creativity, self-expression, music, dance, fitness, talents, traveling, caring for others, and striving for specific rewards, or goals. How many people have been hindered in their full expression since the pandemic, especially artists, travelers, and creators that live from live engagement?
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Utopian Ideas for a Country that´s Masculine and not Feminine

Germans have been known for being very serious, simply because they have a lot in their heads. The head is masculine, the body is feminine. (See masculine-feminine dynamics on that based on Tantra).

What this country needs more than anything is Joy. Lightness. Connection. Not just during the pandemic but also after the Pandemic.

If the government wanted to improve the economy again, support individual businesses, parents, children, and elderly people, it would make sure that people have every chance they need to stay connected. It would start building community instead of separation. And it would look into alternative medicine that has been around for centuries, which is proven to strengthen the immune system, naturally heal the body and create a sense of well-being. Which, by the way, Jens Spahn, the current Health Minister wanted to prohibit altogether.

If Dr. Joe Dispenza can bring people into a state of ultimate health by just meditating and not even taking alternative medicine, what can meditation, mind transcendence, connection, joy, and herbal remedies do together then?

Masculine strategies are for the mind. They are rational. They are calculated and they have an end goal. This is where Germany is at right now. And that’s why there is a huge imbalance in the country.

Feminine ideas are of the body. They are intuitive, creative, and healing. This is where Germany can learn a lot. This is where in the future the country can go places if it follows a new approach.

I wish for a health minister that has studied to become a doctor, knows about alternative healing approaches, and understands body, mind, and spirit, instead of being a banker and pharma lobbyist. I wish for a chancellor that has children, to understand the horror of home-schooling and home-office. I wish for government officials that have been rigorously trained for 10–20 years before entering office in spirituality, religion, math, politics, philosophy, medicine, language, culture, communication, relationships, psychology, and healing of themselves — like the ancient Mayan emperors and the ancients Greeks — before they take a position that’s deciding about Millions of peoples lives.


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