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We Become Mature When It Seizes To Scare Us

It is worth it, you just have to accept it

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We all want to grow up when we are children, but once we are adults, we long for our childhood.

Are you a grown-up? I don’t know, what’s the age minimum for a grown-up.

Do you feel the maturity pulsing through your veins?


Are you mature?

The question posed a good problem when I read this on the Internet the other day.

There is no global minimum age of turning into a mature being. No rite of passage to go through to finally call yourself ‘mature’.

The Mix of Maturity

No one has a concise definition of what a mature person is or even what it looks like. However, most of the mature people we see have distinct traits.

The Maturity Mix consists of ideals like;

Physical: age, size.

Emotional: patience, kindness, manage anger.

Ethical: the development of morals and empathy, telling right or wrong.

Intellectual: school smart, street smart.

Social: the ability to develop friendships, to share, and to cooperate, to build a partnership, etc.

Our Thoughts Are Our Identity

I think, therefore I am — Rene Descartes

The thoughts we have daily are what builds our worldview. And your worldview is your world. If you think negative, you will be irate more than usual. If you want positivity, think that way.

Discipline is Responsibility

The choices we make are ultimately our responsibility — Eleanor Roosevelt

Maturity is often a consequence of the person who feels responsible for himself or herself. If you are responsible, that means you take yourself and your time seriously.

That’s where disciplines work for you. The discipline is a division of accountability that you decide for yourself.

Hence, discipline is what brings out maturity.

Macro Lens on Life

The feeling of maturity is like seeing a blood bag in a red cross bus. You might feel nauseated just thinking about it, but when you need it, and you get it, it feels reviving.

It feels like you have control over your life. Something you didn’t have before.

The revival is what extends your perspective on things. It’s a reality check.

Maturity gives you a macro lens of what you need and want. It’s the easiest hack to get the birds-view of your life.

Embrace with both hands

Maturity is a hard concept to grasp for many people. Most of them don’t know what it is, often become a child in an adult’s body.

Maturity is not being a zombie, who has no emotions in the name of being ‘serious’.

No, maturity is what happens when life happens. And it’s something that we should not run away from.

Instead, we should welcome it and embrace it with both hands because that’s when it seizes to scare us.

That’s when we become mature.




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