The Ovulating Moon and Upping Your Energetic ROI: A Reflection on the Full Moon in Scorpio

My Perspective using the energy of lunar cycles

Lately, I’ve been coming into a new understanding of lunar cycles. The Moon has a cycle of growth, blossoming and release — just like plants, just like the female body. When a flower blooms, that is the moment we revel in its beauty, when it’s most beautiful, when we walk over to inhale its aroma. That’s the moment it is most attractive, most likely to attract pollinators that will fertilize it.

When a woman ovulates, that’s when she has the most energy, the most vivaciousness, the glowiest skin, the highest pitched voice. Women are believed to be more attractive during that period (to those we want to attract and to those we don’t). A woman’s vaginal excretions are stickier when she’s ovulating. It helps keep sperm in the vaginal canal and fallopian tubes.

The Full Moon is the Moon’s blossoming. That’s when it’s most attractive, when it emits the most light. It’s when it’s most likely to be fertilized by the Sun. After all, a full moon is perfectly opposed to the Sun — it’s a direct hit. The Full Moon is the moon’s ovulation period. It’s the “stickiest” phase of the Moon, energetically. It’s a time to celebrate and revel in whatever you want to attract more of in your life. It’s a time to be very clear about what you want. It’s a time to protect against thoughts, situations and energies that you want to avoid.

The period during which a woman is fertile is brief. Flowers remain in blossom for a short time. Focusing on the things you want, innately, will require you to let go of anything that will get in the way or drain your energy. Around the third quarter phase of the moon, the flower will drop off completely. That’s a time to observe what you’re being forced to release, to honor it and bless it on its way to becoming something new for you and/or someone else.

In light of this perspective, I am approaching my Full Moon reflection by discussing three energies that I sense will offer the greatest return to those who are willing to invest their time and energy in meditation, reflection and/or ritual surrounding this Full Moon. Let those sticky energetic fluids know that THESE are the things you’re trying to keep in right now:
(1) Infinite abundance;
(2) Balance between the divine masculine and divine feminine and
(3) The relationship between creativity and transformation.

1. Infinite abundance/new forms of wealth

Scorpio is the sign of transformation and transmutation, ruled by Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. Whatever touches Scorpio will be transformed in some sort of way. It’s not always the most pleasant experience, but it almost always leads to catharsis, final healing. Looking back on my reflection of the New Moon in Scorpio 6 months ago, I described a dream from that week:

“There were clusters of Scorpion-like insects under my skin. It was as if they were shrink wrapped, with folds of skin unable to fully connect either with the insects or with my body. Having returned from a wedding that left me devastated, I took a pair of surgical scissors and I began to cut into the folds of skin on my leg. I slowly cut around the edge of where the skin actually met my body–like when a blister breaks and leaves a tab. As I peeled it away, the condensed blood diffused in water slowly dripped onto the insects and onto the raw flesh they’d been nestled in and eating. I pulled them off, even as they tried to remain attached. The flesh was raw, but it wasn’t bleeding. It was as tender as it could be, but finally, it was exposed to the fresh air rather than wrapped up, air-tight. Finally, it could breathe. Finally, it could heal.”

That’s what we’re dealing with here.

If you’ve read my work or worked with me before, you know that I pay a lot of attention to whole axes in my practice. As I wrote above, the Moon and Sun are in opposition during a Full Moon. This creates an opportunity for balance between two ends of an axis, two energies whose duality facilitates something new, different and whole in the world. An opposition is considered a challenging aspect because there’s no way of avoiding or going around the issue. You have to face it head on and feel it all the way. If anyone feels it all the way through, it’s Scorpio. The Full Moon in Scorpio is receiving direct light from the Sun in Taurus. Taurus is solid Earth. Earth energy normally holds water energy (i.e. the only difference between a glass of water and a puddle is the glass). But during a Full Moon in a water sign, fluidity becomes stability. Anything solid becomes movable. Consider the power of a flood to move cars, houses and all kind of other things we trust are well fastened to the Earth. During this kind of energy, anything can happen. If you know a flood might be coming, what do you want to fasten or protect even more? How can you use this energy to allow something that has felt stuck in your spirit for too long to be carried away with the tide?

Taurus is the sign of personal worth and it loooooves MONEY!!! Taurus loves wealth of all kinds and all the finest things in life. Taurus loves to live fully in this luscious world and experience only that which is delicious in and with its body. Brought head-to-head with Scorpio, you may feel a shift in your own sense of worth. What are all of the forms of wealth you possess? Where have you invested your time, money and energy? How can you up your ROI, no matter what you’ve invested? Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can always be transformed into a form that you can offer the world in exchange for something that you need. This means that your abundance has no limits. Scorpio can help you transmute your new-found assets (or that shit you forgot was stuck in the closet somewhere — whether actual material items or gifts and talents you’ve been refusing to use) into something liquid. Let it. That leads to the second point: the relationship between creativity and transformation.

2. The relationship between Creativity and Transformation

As I wrote in the previous section, that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed, allows for infinite abundance for anyone who can imagine and allow for infinite transformation. Limited materials or energy forces us to transform what we’re given. It forces us to grow and evolve. Evolution is our birthright and it’s facilitated by the natural creative capacity of every being on this planet. Taurus is the creative force that manifests and brings things into being in the physical world. Scorpio is the transformative capacity that allows everything created to be broken down and turned into something else. It can take you to a void, a place of nothingness where anything can be imagined, where anything can be brought into form. Scorpio, while called the sign of death, reminds us that there is no such thing as death, because energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be transformed. It’s also the sign of sexual healing and sexual transformation. This is where you learn that it’s best not to tell your friends about your relationship issues because they’ll remain pissed off at your spouse while you’ll release whatever’s ailing you in the bedroom … which brings me to the final point for energetic investment during this full moon: balancing divine masculine and divine feminine energies.

3. Balancing divine masculine and feminine energies within and without

This moon is in Pluto’s house. Pluto is considered the higher octave of Mars. This means that Pluto has a lot of divine/mature masculine energy. Consider Pluto’s depth. Consider Pluto’s capacity for healing. Consider his ability to hold anything and help you transform your deepest wounds, regardless of what they are, regardless of what you release as you’re healing them. The Moon is in a beautiful relationship with Neptune in Pisces (Neptune’s own house). Neptune is considered the higher octave of Venus. Consider its ability to dissolve anything. Consider its ability to heal anything. Consider its ability to connect you to the spiritual world and other people, no matter what they may have done to hurt you. These two are the primary healers of the Zodiac (though, not the only ones, by any means). Pluto digs it out and Neptune dissolves it into something benign or something that can be flushed out. The marriage of Pluto and Neptune is like a colon cleanse — Pluto is the salt that pulls out the toxins. Neptune is the water that releases them from your body. Together, these two can heal anything. Together, they shift how we might understand masculine and feminine energies — especially in their highest, most divine forms. Together, they can transform what it means to be whole. They can shift how we imagine the merging of our own masculine and feminine energies. Together, they teach us about divine sexuality. They want to show us that truly healthy relationships are far dreamier than anything we could have imagined.

As above, so below. What toxins are kicking themselves up in your physical, emotional or energetic bodies? What do you need to flush them out? I highly recommend getting extra fluids this weekend, eating hydrating fruits and vegetables and consuming intoxicating substances sparingly. Let your body rest this weekend. Let your spirit do the work. It’s a beautiful energy for divination — so if you have an intuitive practice, this is an opportunity to take it to the next level. If you’re looking for intuitive guidance, I recommend highly seeking it out this weekend. You won’t regret it. Watch your dreams and write them down. Follow your intuition. Keep moving without pushing. Focus on what you want. Do what gives you pleasure (especially if it also facilitates transformation or could shift your financial worth or sense of worth). Most important, enjoy the delicious stickiness of this full moon.

Full Moon Blessings,


**If you want to learn more about how this Moon affects your personal chart so you can receive the greatest energetic ROI, go to Schedule a Natal Chart Session or email me at**

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Hilary Booker, Ph.D.

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