The 5 rules I stick to when I run

During the last 5 years, I’ve managed to turn my running practice into a life habit (while completing my first Marathon). Recently, I put some thought into how I keep motivated and continue to progress. I’ve managed to narrow it down to 5 rules, I’m forcing myself to stick to:

  • Running every two days, i.e 3 sessions / week.
  • Run for minimum 10K, about 45–50 mins at my pace. It’s a distance I love to run, not too long / short and great for performance. Plus it fits well in an urban environment like in Paris, where I live.
  • As much as possible, run a full loop, except for interval trainings. Try not to run through the same places multiple times. You’ll explore new areas and be less bored.
  • Keep the level to complete an half-marathon (21.1k; 13.1 miles) in less than 1h45min (a pace of 4:45min / kilometer; 7:37mins / mile)
  • Every kilometer started have to be completed. I love how simple, yet efficient this rule is. It helps building mental toughness that you need, not only for running.

Running now plays a big part of my life and I really need it to feel well, not only physically, but mentally too. To me, nothing better to me that a running session after an hard working day!

And you, how do you keep motivated on the long-term to run or practice any other activities? There is many ways, like my friends Mathilde and Colin who have just shared how they managed to run the World without interruption for the last past 1,000 days.

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