Giving My First Dev Talk

I gave my first developer talk to FreeCodeCamp about a month ago. At first, I was really nervous and uncertain of what to talk about. During that time, I landed my first developer job and was asked if I wanted to speak at FreeCodeCamp about my experience. I was excited and agreed to give the talk. Although, I was really nervous because I’m not a very good public speaker, I went home and prepped for my speech. The next day, I went into work and was notified by my boss that I wasn’t doing so well at my job. I had two weeks to show improvement. When I heard this, my heart sank. I was upset and wasn’t sure if I could go through with the talk.

I had a lot of mixed emotions. I felt like if I lost my job and gave this talk, I would a fraud. However, I decided that no matter what the outcome was, I was going to share my story. I decided I was going to tell people about my mistakes and experiences as a new developer in order to help others from making the same mistakes. . I started to change my speech entirely and when I was rewriting my draft, I started to feel motivated. I told myself that if I can give other people advice and talk about my mistakes, then I can learn from myself and show improvement within the next two weeks.

I started to practice coding every single night and reading over my documentation again. I ended up keeping my job and gave my talk. I was so nervous at first. I didn’t know if people were going to like what I have to say, but I went through with it anyways. Surprisingly, I think I did pretty well. I’m not the best speaker, but it was a wonderful experience. I was able to give advice to others who wanted to join this career field. Hopefully, the audience was able to gain insight on the many challenges of becoming a developer and learn from my mistakes.

Watch my talk: