My Passions led me to coding

With the start of #april3030, I’d like to talk a little bit about why I’ve chosen to pursue programming as my career of choice and hopefully convince you that learning how to code can help you get more out of your interests.

Programming Helps Me Pursue My Passions

What do you get when you take someone with interests in art, science, music, and psychology, and tell him you can only do one thing? Psh, a Psych-art-cian-ist of course!.. or I guess a programmer.

I was actually introduced to programming when I was quite young. I hated it! It was not until my interests developed in areas that seemed completely unrelated did I find myself falling back into coding.

Art —

Art to me is something that is able to convey an experience, emotion, or idea. With art, I want to be able to tell a story. I want to take the audience somewhere else. Coding, especially in the area of game development, is perfect for this. Besides being the literal embodiment of the things I mentioned above, the level of audience immersion that is possible in an interactive medium adds a whole other dimension that just isn’t attainable through pencils or paints.

Music —

Music was my way of escape; the place I went to explore. Where in art my audience is outward, in music, only I am wandering and stumbling over the ideas. The music is the one taking me on the journey. It’s the constant discovery that does this; the discovery that comes with experimentation and practice. Coding has a deep analog to this state of immersed discovery. When learning new concepts and building new projects, the learning process is as organic as making music.

— Psychology —

Computer Science is paving the road for our understanding of ourselves. Besides the obvious amazing fields of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks, and projects like “Dream reading”; there is also a surprising amount of psychology involved in User Interface Design, User Experience Design, and even Game Development! I love learning how the brain works. Coupled with the rising amount of open source communities and new kinds of social interactions coming from all these new social infrastructures, there is no reason for someone that likes psych to not explore the field that is at the forefront of all this.

With technology touching so many aspects of our lives today, you would be surprised how many of your interests might have extensions into programming; more surprisingly, how many are actually being led by developments made through programming.

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What you’ll see from me during #april3030

I bounce around a lot as I take time to absorb concepts, so during April3030 you’ll be seeing posts of me working on the projects below: