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AirClaim Extension

Sometimes even the Freeos Dev Team needs a bit of extra breathing space—so let’s give them a little Air—Claim…

Our important announcement is to let the community know that we’ve decided to extend the AirClaim for a number of weeks.

The Work Required

The Governance Phase is coming together nicely—the frontend and backend (blockchain) hookup is nearly complete with all of the core, major features working.

Preview of the Governance dApp—showing the Survey that occurs before the Vote

Quality Assurance (aka testing, or “QA”) is currently the major key element that the Freeos Dev Team requires further time—additionally we would like to run an Open Beta for the community to test and provide feedback and bug reports. More on the Open Beta in a future announcement.

Besides the last frontend hookups, QA, and Open Beta, there are the deployment steps (DevOps).

With Freeos being built on both the Proton and Internet Computer (Dfinity) blockchains, the DevOps piece of work has a number of critical elements that we step through cautiously to ensure all goes well.

Pre-Architected for Extensions

Long ago, the Freeos Dev Team anticipated the potential need for the AirClaim to extend—if the target deadline could not be made, so we are going to engage this function for a couple of extra weeks.

We will be extending this for two weeks, and then announce the next steps at the end of the two weeks.

Points for the Extended Weeks

While the AirClaim is Extended, the amount of Points to be earned weekly will be 300 Points. This is to ensure rewards and activities continue—while being safe with inflation and the circulating supply.

The Purpose of the Delay

The purpose of this delay is to ensure we have a robust, and well-tested system to serve the needs of the Freeos Movement for a long, exciting and prosperous future together.

Thank You, Freeos Movement!

Thank you for your patience and understanding—we are just as keen to get this novel, truly democratic DAO in operation where a community can govern their own monetary policy and income for their own benefit.

Freeos is cooperation as a currency and we can’t wait to amp up the cooperative elements in the Governance Phase.

If you have any questions to ask, feel free to share them in our community channels such as Twitter, Discord, Telegram—and now Snipcoins!



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