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Dfinity Grant: Freeos

Setting up a firm foundation with Freeos and the Internet Computer

We’d like to announce that Freeos has been accepted for the Dfinity Developer Grant Program.

As many of our community knows, we’ve been exploring a hybrid Internet Computer +Proton solution and even launched our Beta Test in a IC container.

We’re now looking to dive in deeper.

Our Developer Grant was to support ways to explore methods of tying data across both the Internet Computer and Proton in a verifiable way. We see ways for the Freeos Economic System to support cross-chain data empowered by some of the unique qualities of the Internet Computer, and backed by the KYC-focus of Proton, which is important for equitable, democratic solutions.

The Internet Computer is proving to be robust and flexible infrastructure for our increasingly decentralised future. The ability to have choice can be a critical and key component to freedom, and the Internet Computer provides a powerful choice in how to host and interact with the web and decentralised applications.

Our efforts will be to prototype some key components for cross-chain communications that can support more choice, flexibility and decentralisation in the Freeos system—including a possibility for full cross-chain support to Dfinity—and beyond.

We’d like to thank the team at the Dfinity Foundation for receiving, considering—and ultimately selecting our grant application.

For more on Freeos, please check our webpage for more info, or join us in our Telegram Community where you may ask more questions about how Freeos is intended to work.




FreeDAO is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation creating blockchain solutions for engendering greater freedom in society and the world. Initiators of FREEOS (

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