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Freeos Recap

A refreshing recap is always welcome

Many articles have been posted over the last few years, and its not always easy to find all of the relevant articles to understand the Freeos Economic System.

So we put together this handy guide that can be a one-stop-shop for finding the key articles relating to Freeos—in addition it allowed an opportunity to go and re-edit some old articles—as some mechanisms and features had slight tweaks and alterations as the team was in development.

This recap will also be a bit of a journey down memory lane, giving a sense of how Freeos has both remained true to its original principles and vision despite some tweaks and changes to better the economic system.


The first article, way back in 2019, that kicked this all off—Direct Democracy, Direct Economy was a ralying cry for a new type of economic system that was built from the ground up to bring a new type of proactive, economic freedom to all.

The original article

Another one of the earliest articles is still easily relevant now: Self-Governed Cooperative Income.

This article makes a note that Freeos is not just an ordinary crypto-UBI, it is an economic system directly stewarded by the participants. This makes it not a hand-out, but a hand-in-hand-out.

Who doesn’t love a bit of self-governing with a dash of cooperation?

And the final overview article listed in this recap, describes the relationship between FreeDAO + Freeos, giving a glimpse into the team, as well as some key concepts that drive the entire system and philosophy.

It’s DAOs all the way down…

Deeper Dives

Later articles dug in deeper, and explained much of the Freeos System in more detail.

Freeos starts with the Freeos Airclaim, where the early community can earn Points, and then use these Points to mint, and receive, the very first FREEOS tokens. With some mechanics such as the HODLing Requirement, and the Locking Threshold—this is not merely an airdrop. It initiates, and paves the way for the next, democratic, phase of the project (currently being built).

Who doesn’t like free valuable stuff? Like air, like Freeos…

Once the AirClaim phase is complete, the next phase of the project begins that introduces community voting on economic parameters—letting all participants steward the economy.

This next step in the journey is called the Freeos Governance Phase, and it is when Freeos steps into truly being a Self-Governed Cooperative Income, or a Direct Economy that was described in our early overview articles.

Not just a simply claiming Points and minting FREEOS operation, the Governance Phase of the project is where things get really interesting, with ideas and features such as: Community Sentiment Analysis, Issuance of Points Voting, Mint Fee Voting (per token), Pool or Burn FREEOS Voting, Reserve Pool Arbitrage Voting, Partner Allocations Voting, Conditionally Limited Supply, FREEBY Minting, FREEOS Minting, and the Reserve & Liquidity Pools.

This is where “Self-Governed Cooperative Income” truly begins…

Finally, the last deep dive article covers the ways the system and the team is utilising the NFTs of Freeos in a productive, and fun, way including our weekly Freeos Trivia Tuesdays.

With free NFTs and free FREEOS, we really put the “free” in economic freedom.

A Non-Technical Analogy

The final article in this recap, is an article made to create a non-technical analogy to (hopefully) make it a bit easier to understand the Freeos Economic System.

Titled, Freeos and the Apple Analogy, this article describes Freeos as a community garden where apples can be grown and equally distributed amongst the growers participating in the garden—with some special rules to help support a healthy price of apples when sold in the markets.

Hopefully this recap is a helpful one-stop shop to get up to speed on the entire Freeos Economic System (it will probably be very helpful for those participating in our weekly Freeos Trivia Tuesdays).

For more on Freeos, please check our webpage for more info, or join us in our Telegram Community where you may ask more questions about how Freeos is intended to work.



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