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Freeos is a new, equitable financial system. We call it a Self-Governed Cooperative Income.

This system is empowered by Swiss-style direct democracy, on a mature framework of immutable, verifiable, blockchain technologies. It is designed to be democratic, decentralised, open, transparent, and fair.

Participants earn a continuous income, for cooperating in the financial stewardship of the Freeos economy.

The Freeos economic system is in the hands of the people directly — no central authority or central point of failure.

Unlike a Universal Basic Income (UBI), it is not a “hand-out”. Each participant is incentivised to cooperate and take on the stewardship of the economy. We see it more as a “hand-in-hand out”.

Unlike other blockchain-based UBI concepts—which inherit the volatility of many cryptocurrencies—the cooperative stewardship provides an incentivised opportunity to maintain stability and reliability.

Freeos envisions open and equitable financial freedom for anyone willing to participate. The system is designed to encourage cooperative behaviours regardless of individuals knowing each other. In the blockchain world this concept is called “trustless”—it implies that trust is so inherent that it is nearly invisible.

We consider invisible, unconditional trust to be a type of freedom. Like the air we breathe.

We often don’t need to think about air—or whether air might potentially be absent. We trust that it is and use it for our life and our mobility.

Our intent is that Freeos can achieve a similar level of invisible trust and is designed to provide that opportunity to do so.

To learn more about Freeos, please take a look at our whitepaper.

Or check out our FAQ.



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