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September Update 2021

The window of the launch is coming into view.

We promised to make an announcement regarding our AirClaim launch window this month, and we’ve got a clear picture of what conditions will allow for a launch.

The AirClaim launch window is what we’ll be outlining at the start of this article, followed by the announcement of some gifts of appreciation for those who participated in the Beta Test.

AirClaim Launch Window

As we’ve mentioned, the AirClaim is technically ready to launch. The code is complete, audited and is well-tested, thanks to the efforts of those who assisted in the Beta Test.

Many community members ask when we are going to launch — and we really are keen to do so also! There have been a few early members that have been waiting for Freeos for over 1 year now, and we’re super keen to unleash this to our patient, and eager community — as well as the world.

But we also need to make sure we are fully ready. The AirClaim is not a simple airdrop with a bunch of pre-minted tokens like many other blockchain airdrops, it is the beginnings of a fairly complex economic system starting on a foundation of democracy.

We’ve had a number of discussions to work out the key conditions required for launching the AirClaim, which are:

  1. Complete the setup the FreeDAO Foundation
  2. Security procedures for smart contract keys, and protection against bots, duplicate accounts etc.
  3. Inclusive wallet experience for as many participants as possible

For item #1: Setting up the FreeDAO Foundation, this is currently underway and may be completed in a number of weeks. We feel fairly confident on this point. We’ll be providing details on what this is about, as well as details on FreeDAO in a future article. So stay tuned. This is important as the compliance and legals of blockchain projects has become more complex, worldwide in 2021. This is to ensure Freeos has a good runway to be well accepted as widely, and sustainably as possible. We expect 3–4 additional weeks to complete this step.

For item #2: Security has two key components.

  • Our team needs to do a number of security procedures to ensure the launch contracts and keys are secure, and we have procedures, appropriate hardware and redundancies to protect them—especially as development is not yet complete. This step has been delayed due to the unexpected COVID-related lockdown conditions in Auckland, where 2 of the 3 individuals required have limited mobility. This procedure needs to be offline and in-person and we’re waiting for a drop from Level 3 to Level 2 to occur. We’ll keep the community posted on when this is lifted. Once the lockdown is lifted, we expect a week to do some trial security runs, with a follow-up week to write-up steps and procedures, and an additional week of actual security deployment. In total, we expect 3–4 weeks for this—once Level 3 turns to Level 2 for Auckland.
  • We have identified that a number of duplicate accounts/bots were involved in the Beta Test. The responsible way forward is to either rely on worldwide KYC, or to increase the staking requirements and lower the threshold for the number of users that trigger them—or both. KYC helps assure one person = one vote = one weekly claim. This is critical for a healthy, democratic, equitable system. We do not have clear indication of how long it will be before worldwide KYC is announced by Proton, so we will watch to see if Proton makes an announcement soon, and make a decision on whether we wait for KYC or increase the staking thresholds (or both) at the end of October. Fingers crossed on this one!

For item #3: Inclusive wallet experience. We have had a number of users express concerns about wallet issues during the Beta—especially for some Android users. We know the Proton team is working hard at this, from communications in their community chat forums by members of the Proton development team. We’re very confident that this will be improved, as shown by the professionalism and technical competence they’ve shown, time and time again. Despite some interesting alternatives to the Proton wallet—we reckon the mobile wallet is the most straightforward user experience for the AirClaim, and we’d like to see some updates to the Proton wallet before launching. We don’t know the timing, but we suspect issues could be resolved very soon.

TL;DR: The fastest time for launch would be 1 month after the launch of the FreeDAO Foundation—conditional upon the Foundation being set up, Auckland moving into Level 2, and fixes to the wallet happening soon. Since the FreeDAO Foundation is likely to take a minimum of 3 weeks—an AirClaim launch could not happen before late-November. Let’s hope all things align well to allow this possibility to become more likely.

As there are a number of factors that are not fully in our control, there could be further delays of additional weeks, or even months.

Beta Gifts

Now for the fun stuff. As we’ve indicated, we wish to acknowledge the efforts of those that helped in this early stage of the project, which is why we’re going to provide some gifts to those that volunteered their efforts in helping test the AirClaim code.

This is broken down into 3 tiers of gifts.

  1. An AirKey, which is a non-transferable “badge” that allows access to the AirClaim without staking, removes all holding requirements, and even bypasses the minimum Mint Fee in the Governance Phase for a single use. Simply put, this means the 10,000 FREEOS tokens to be earned in the actual AirClaim are fully, and freely available for all Beta Testers as earnings and do not have to be used to pay the very first Governance Phase’s minimum Mint Fee. We will not be providing this to any of the bots/duplicate accounts that we found.
  2. For all Beta testers, we will provide a new Buckminster Fuller AI NFT. The number of participants who completed at least 1 iteration will equal the NFT collection size + 1 additional (for NFT #1, used for a future promotion). We will be removing any bots/duplicate accounts that we found however.
  3. For the Beta testers that completed at least 20 iterations (besides bots/duplicate accounts detected): a new, Nelson Mandela 3D NFT. The number of participants who completed at least 20 iterations will equal the NFT collection size + 1 additional (for NFT #1, to be given to our Lead QA tester who went beyond the call of duty).
A thumbnail of the Buckminster Fuller AI NFT, to be awarded to all participants who completed at least 1 iteration of the Beta Test.
A thumbnail of the Nelson Mandela 3D NFT, to be awarded to all participants who completed at least 20 of the 25 iterations of the Beta Test.

Those are our main, new announcements. But as a recap of what has happened over September, we would like to remind everyone that:

  • We were graciously awarded a Dfinity Grant for some deeper Internet Computer integrations. More to be announced on the details of this work in the future!
  • We have setup a scheduled Freeos Trivia Tuesdays running twice, at UTC 0:00 and UTC 20:00 every Tuesday. Come and earn some Champions of Freedom NFTs by answering trivia questions (usually coming from these Medium posts).
  • We provided some details of the Governance phase (the real, democratic Freeos system that is released after the AirClaim completes) and some changes that make the system more inclusive, while still keeping the core essentials.

For more on Freeos, please check our webpage for more info, or join us in our Telegram Community where you may ask more questions about how Freeos is intended to work.



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