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Supernova Community Vote

Vote for Freeos + Cronacle at

We are up for the Supernova Community Award, and could use your vote!

To vote, sign up at: and then:

1️⃣ Join the Supernova Page

2️⃣ Verify with your phone number

3️⃣ Search for “Freeos”

4️⃣ And Vote on “Cronacle + Freeos

And for a quick and comprehensive video tutorial, see this below 👇

And you can win one of the NFTs from this series for voting:

From the Motoko Mech series of NFTs

Just like we won the Huobi Incubator Community Vote, let’s show the power of a community-driven DAO to make big things happen!

And this is great exposure for Freeos and helps the community and project get exposure in the future—including getting listed on exchanges, which brings more volume and liquidity to support the project—as Binance Labs and Huobi Incubator were both sponsors and judges of the Supernova Hackathon.

Thank you for all of your support and feel free to ask any questions in our Telegram and Discord channels



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