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The Freeos AirClaim (updated)

The Freeos AirClaim: as free as the air we breathe.

The AirClaim in a Nutshell

The Elements of the AirClaim

  1. Sign-in & Register
  2. Claim POINTs
  3. Come back in a week and repeat step #2 (until 25 weeks have passed)
Despite a number of features, the AirClaim can be as simple as logging in once a week and pressing “Claim”
  • Unlock POINTs (this depends on whether there are any “locked” POINTs, which depends on the open market price of FREEOS. More on this below.)
  • Convert POINTs to FREEOS (this is a decision each participant needs to make on their own. This mints FREEOS tokens, which may be a taxable event, depending on the jurisdiction of the participant. More on this below.)
  1. Sign-in & Register
  2. Stake XUSDC (price depends on number of users & verification status. More on this in this handy guide here)
  3. Claim POINTs
  4. Come back in a week and repeat step #3 (until 25 weeks have passed)

All About the POINTs

Convert your POINTs to FREEOS at will

HODLing Requirements

A Stake in the Game

  • Came late. Staking requirements increase as more users enter the AirClaim as a soft cap on the circulating supply.
  • Not verified. Staking requirements are higher for non verified users.
  • Unknown origins. Accounts that were not created through the Proton wallet have the strongest and steepest staking requirements. This is to mitigate against bots.
  1. Mitigation against bots and duplicate accounts by putting financial friction. This is important for a democratic, equitable system.
  2. To put a soft cap on the number of users entering the system — as the staking requirements increase as more users participate in the AirClaim. This only affects new users. Participants who have already staked, do not need to update their stake (unless they have unstaked, and wish to return).

Not Just an Airdrop

Towards Governance, and Beyond

  • It sets the user-driven minting. This is critical, as a foundation, to be a democratic form of money by the people, for the people.
  • It includes the logic for verified, and unverified accounts. This is critical for equitable democracy on the blockchain where one person has one vote and fair allotment of tokens.
  • It includes the idea of a base locking threshold, and the mechanisms for locking, and unlocking POINTs. This will be extended, and driven by community vote to raise the locking threshold above the base value (although the $0.0167 USD price will remain the bare minimum).
  • It includes the conversion of the POINTs, to liquid and transferable FREEOS tokens. This is important to fully ensure the users mint the tokens, and have some ability to manage taxable events — in jurisdictions where this may apply.
  • It provides each user with more than enough FREEOS tokens required for the minimum Mint Fee of the Governance dApp. This is important because it allows each AirClaim participant to save up for a sustainable ongoing access to the fully featured FREEOS system, while also allowing some tokens to appear on the market, allowing others to join in also. It may also help set and establish the price of the FREEOS token.
  • It sets one week iterations. This is important because the Governance Phase will last for one week, which should give participants more than enough time to vote and make sensible decisions on the economic parameters. It also establishes the rhythm and habit of a weekly cycle.
  • It includes the mechanism to mint POINTs for FreeDAO for a sustainable development revenue stream. This is important to reach the fully featured system and for FreeDAO to continue creating tools of collaboration and freedom.



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