Taking note

How to save my digital valuables

I have Google to find stuff I have forgotten. If I know what to search for. But I also want to able to browse through stuff I thought it was interesting. Keep what is important for later reference.

Things are easy with traditional data:

  • All my mail communication is in Gmail. Check.
  • All I have ever written is on local hard drive and backed up on Dropbox. Check.
  • All photos and videos are on my local hard drive and backed up on Copy. Check.

But how about the stuff I read on the internet, random ideas, meeting notes? Here’s how I go about it now:

  • Simplenote for, well, simple notes that have to be on my phone, tablet or PC at any time, regardless of internet connectivity. I feel safe with it because I see the files as .txt files in Dropbox.
  • Evernote for notes from longer meetings (include photes of powerpoints etc.), projects, stuff that requires multimedia content. Also good for book summaries and excerpts otherwise originating in Kindle or Moon+ Reader. Would use it for simple notes as well, but would require a subscription to have off-line notebooks.
  • Pocket for saved web pages and articles. Stuff that I did not write myself. Wish it was possible to bulk print them all to .pdf. Alternatively I guess I could be saving them all to Evernote.
  • /lib/ folder on my filesystem and in Dropbox. For documents that are worth saving - paper, books, reports, mostly as PDF but DOC, PPT and EPUB as well. They would likely be annotated and underlined by me.
  • CamScanner for stuff that I want to save from paper. I guess I could be using Evernote for that too. But CamScanner creates a nice PDF that I can save to Dropbox or Evernote.
  • Browser bookmarks in Chrome. This is a total mess. Mostly to help auto-complete.

Obviously there is room for improvement. I am looking for a tool that would create PDFs automatically form the stuff in Pocket. I do not want to be dependent on a particular tool for the next 20 years. I don’t want to depend on a particular tool too much. I feel save with PDF export option. Or plain text.

What do you think? Go for OneNote that has free off-line syncing and use that instead of Simplenote, Evernote and Pocket? But it so ugly and does not hide complexity well. Merge from Pocket to Evernote using IFTTT? And then print things out from Evernote?


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