Digital nomad Krista Gray shares her tips for making the freelance leap

For this week’s Freedom Creators story, we chat with Krista Gray — world traveler, digital nomad, and long time Peep. Krista left the startup grind after having worked with leading startups such as Tilt to create her own adventure. Since, she has visited many countries and hit the one-year mark of running her own business! Here’s Krista’s story and tips for making freelance work for you!

How and why did you get into freelancing?

The startup grind had burnt me out a bit and I found that my work was totally failing to fulfill me creatively (though I had an amazing job).

I started taking on more side projects (writing, building Squarespace Inc. sites for friends and their friends, etc.) for fun and came to realize that it was this work that left me feeling alive. I finally made the decision to focus on it full-time when I had to pass up opportunities because of my ‘regular’ job. When I left my job, I had a few projects lined up (thanks, CloudPeeps + Kate Kendall!) to take me through summer, so I opted to spend the first few months working in Italy while traveling around Europe a little bit.

“I started taking on more side projects for fun and came to realize that it was this work that left me feeling alive.” — Krista Gray

What’s been your proudest personal moment so far?

Making it a full year as my own boss without giving up. Highlights include working for people and companies I majorly admire (Kate + The Fetch, ModCloth, Boll & Branch) and writing for publications I love to read (Brit + Co, The Muse).

How do you stay motivated and productive when flying solo?

I consume A TON of digital content to stay in the loop with topics and trends that excite me and talk with friends who are doing similar things. I also try to exercise and eat as healthy as I can because feeling good is my foundation for producing great work.

What’s the hardest part about being an indie worker?

Self-doubt, hands down. It can be very hard to stay motivated and confident without team energy or the occasional kudos.

What advice would you have for others taking the leap?

DO IT. You can always go back to working full-time if it’s not for you!

Where can we find you?

You can connect with me on any channel through my CloudPeeps Storefront!

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