Marketing expert Noelle Bell on staying motivated and focused as an indie worker

Noelle Bell is a Peep and full-stack digital marketer who loves to get the buzz going for large and small brands.

Noelle started Buzzworthy Social Media in 2011 to generate buzz using social media for small and major brands, non-profit organizations and professionals. Since 2011, she has helped clients in a variety of industries succeed online using digital marketing, email marketing, online advertising, sales funnel marketing, content writing and graphic design.

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How and why did you get into freelancing?

I got into freelancing because I wanted to use my skills that I gained from political organizing for digital marketing. At the time, there weren’t as many digital marketing jobs in 2011 as there are now. I signed up my first client that year, and have grown my company ever since.

What’s been your proudest personal moment so far?

My proudest moment was in working with Communication Service for the Deaf on their #WhoWillAnswer campaign to end domestic violence in the Deaf community. We raised community awareness, partnered with deaf celebrities, and our campaign garnered recognition as a finalist in the Avon Communication Awards for our unique work.

How do you stay motivated and productive when flying solo?

When flying solo, I stay motivated thanks to lots and lots of coffee, and changing locations of where I work. I find that a change of scenery and being surrounded by people helps with my work productivity.

What’s the hardest part about being an indie worker?

The hardest part about being an independent worker is having no one to really talk to about projects, or to brainstorm with other people. Having group input is amazing, so a part of the challenge of being a freelancer is to continue thinking creatively and out of the box, but I get it done.

What advice do you have for others taking the leap?

Plan your vendor expenses, draw up a business plan, and project how many client accounts you need for your ideal monthly revenue as a freelancer.

Where can we find you?

You can connect with me through my CloudPeeps Storefront!

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