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Every human being is living in terms of a certain span of time which passes by seconds, minutes, hours, days, months & years, and so on. The human mind records all the events, speech, success, failures & memory of experience whether good, bad, or indifferent. The present that we are experiencing, we can make the way we like. The future involves uncertainty, fear of calamities, suffering, and expectation of gains, pleasure, or enjoyment. Past vanishes and leaves behind memories. Those advanced in age often remember happy moments of their life. There is no problem in recalling happy memories on the screen of the mind. Recalling harassing memories e.g. certain mistakes of judgment, immature decisions, failures, loss of money is the biggest problem. There was a time when you sold shares, gold, property at a lesser price than the current price. Behind this decision, there ought to be some restraints or expediency of time, the need for funds for marriage or medical expenses, or any other contingencies. Apart from financial matters, there are emotional problems e.g. like uttering certain harsh words, an insult by someone or superiors’ anger. There is no one whose ego is not hurt. Though the events have passed, even after years, the thoughts of the past surface on the mind and move us.

The past, present, and future are acts of the human mind. We confine ourselves to self-interest and have a narrow view. Personal thoughts dominate the mind. In the present be active and aware, so as you do not have to repent. The future is uncertain, however, planning can make it safe and bright. The dilemma is the memory of the past. How can we control our past, which is hurting our ego, there is nothing before your eyes, still, you are worried, no one is questioning, you are still worried. These harassing memories are nothing but the negative activity of the mind. Now, there are only two dilemmas before us: Negative and unwanted thoughts appearing on the screen of mind and their negative effect arousing feelings which we do not want. What is the remedy? If you simply say, “forget it” mind refuses to forget. Applying logic and reason will terminate negative thoughts. After pondering over your negative thought of failure/ mistake/insult, for say 30 minutes, stop and ask your mind, what you gained? The mind will say “nothing” then why this exercise of thinking? Logical thinking concludes that thoughts have no physical existence. Thoughts are neither positive nor negative. Simply because we did not like particular thoughts, we named it negative and vice versa. You are your own master and mind is your servant. Instead of becoming a slave of the mind, one should try to become its master.

In the root of feelings, there is ego, it is a feeling of “I “when you are awake, understand ‘I’ well, it is a big “CHEAT”, and for the sake of “I”, many blunders take place. Satisfying ego leads to many wrongful acts, what is the result, nothing. We exist in terms of time, which is bound to pass. The World, which looks real to us, is not so real. You may say, how can you say the world is unreal when we are looking at its physical existence? Yes, the world is real but not so real when you think of world vis-à- vis the creator whose existence is never-ending, as the creator has no beginning and no end, who is above birth and death having no limitation of time-space and matter. Whereas the world has ends and hence it not so real. In the transitory world, there is no self or ego. Is it wise clinging to the ego? When ego perishes, we can see real self, which has no body, mind, ego, or thoughts. Thus, the broadening of outlook about self, world, and universe will help to vanish ego and unwanted memory of past too will vanish.

Article by my father


from his original e book given below please follow the link on kindle to read his full book.

Pathway to spirituality




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